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6mins   £3.00

9mins   £4.50

12mins £6.00

15mins £7.50


Su- do Air Brush Tanning

Full Body  £15.00

1/2 Body   £10.00

65 Mins  £25.00
65 Mins £33.00


The Ergoline 600, or the CD bed as it’s known is one of the best tanners on the market. It offers new levels of comfort due to the moulded shape of the base, which prevents pressure to the coccyx and maximises comfort for people with back problems.

The bed boasts 47 160 watt tubes, 3 'VIT' facial tanners and a 7 tube shoulder tanner. It comes complete with adjustable turbo air cooling and features voice control which will guide you through your tanning experience. And if that’s not enough it also has a fully functional cd player, providing you with music while you tan!

Viva Twister (Upright Tanning) by Dr Kern

All-over tan

8 500 watt bulbs

Totally hygienic sunning

Speaker system standard

Superb ventilation

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